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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I used to but for some reason I stopped. Maybe this is the reason….take a look at what I used to take:

Women’s Multi Vitamin Gummy / Vitamin C / Zinc / Magnesium / Rutin / Choline

B-12 / Lutein / Balance of Nature (which is 6 tablets per day) / Probiotic / Prebiotic Collagen in my coffee / Calcium with Vitamin D / Areds2 / Glycine

That’s a lot of pill-swallowing in a day and frankly, I just got tired of the organization of all these pills. As of today, I still do the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my morning coffee (2 scoops) and a combined Probiotic/Prebiotic gummy from align. I think I might add back in the multi-vitamin gummy, I mean why not, it’s a gummy (insert giggle giggle).

So, what about supplements? Some of the above supplements, you may have never even heard of! How did I hear about them? Well, I’ll tell you – pretty much exclusively from the magazine FIRST for Women. For some reason my 82-year-old aunt gets this magazine (weekly?) and passes it along to me. On each cover there is a fabulously fit celebrity with a starburst banner touting losing an extreme amount of weight in a week, in 28 days, etc. AND I soak it up! It’s hilariously funny because the article on how to do this amazing feat is packed with common sense and even science-based explanations, usually with some “break-through” supplement, but then it is accompanied by “Sample menus to get you started”, which, if you just follow the food items that it suggests, that’s enough for you to lose weight just by doing that alone (insert giggle giggle!)! But do I follow those food suggestions? Nope. I just get the supplement and eat whatever I want to eat and expect to lose those “20 pounds in 14 days” or my "Over 50 belly to disappear". Is that even possible?????

What’s also interesting about this magazine, is that it has incredible recipes and photos of rich and caloric high foods. Fabulous menus of what you can make for a dinner party, replete with decadent desserts that will make your mouth water (insert giggle giggle). Of course, there is also recipes of healthy foods and articles about how to cook in a healthy way, but I just find this dichotomy interesting. But I love this magazine! There are helpful hints on all sorts of household, cosmetic, and other “womanly” issues that I have implemented with success, as well as tons of product advertisements that I have sought out to purchase, you know, to get “other” amazing results to combine with my incredible weight loss (insert giggle giggle). Amazon loves that I love this magazine, because I have ordered so much from Amazon with this magazine in my lap (insert giggle giggle!) usually lying in bed at night.

A funny supplement story…..early in the COVID 19 crisis, information circulated that taking the supplement Zinc would help to ward off the virus, or diminish its effect if you got the virus (whatever…I don’t really know what, I just heard “take Zinc” - as you can see, I am very gullible!). Anyway, I went to my local CVS and there was no Zinc. I went to Walgreen’s – no Zinc. I hurriedly went to Kroger, Publix, Sprouts, Whole Foods – NO ZINC! Now, I’m in a panic! How could I have missed out on this important information that was potentially going to save my life and the lives of my family! OMG! So, I called Hayden in New York and he dashed out to see if he could find some Zinc. He called a little bit later and he had gone down to a health food store and found some, so he got several bottles and said he would ship to me. How many bottles, I asked? Oh, 5-6, he replied. Oh no, that’s not enough! RUN, HAYDEN, BACK DOWN THERE AND GET MORE, I implored!! 2 years later, we still have bottles of Zinc at our house – and at my brother’s house too, because I shared some with his family! ……If you have read some of my previous blogs, or my book, Insert Giggle Giggle, Laughing Your Way through Raising Kids and Running a Business, you know by now my obsessive nature knows no bounds (insert giggle giggle!)!

I made a note to myself to write a blog about taking vitamin supplements because I came across (and I can’t remember how – maybe I need to add in Prevagen to my pill taking!) an article about a 6-10 year study that cited that people taking calcium are 3 times more likely to either have to have heart valve replacement or die from aortic stenosis, but that the doctor that conducted the study didn’t want to scare people away from taking calcium…… Now, I’m not sure if I got all this correct (I am sharing this verbatim from the text I sent myself on a Sunday, so I must have typed it straight from wherever I saw it), but it’s interesting, isn’t it? And really, pretty much if you do research on almost any vitamin supplement it ALWAYS comes with the disclaimer to consult your doctor before taking any supplement as well as if you search the internet on almost any supplement, it also comes with the Side Effects article that oftentimes doesn’t give much reassurance that you can take without fear of a possible bad side effect....nor does really taking ANY type of medicine - I mean do you read the fine-print pamphlet that comes with your medicines - I read every word and wonder how a doctor could have prescribed this to me (insert giggle giggle!). I mean, one time I was prescribed an antibiotic that said it could cause my tendons to snap - I didn't run for a month - geez!

So, what about our health and supplements. It really seems like a good idea to take supplements to enhance and in fact, mitigate any deficiency that most of us have in our eating habits. I know I am not a very healthy eater every day, really most days. Okay, I start the day most often with a donut, muffin, or pastry of some sort, skip lunch (maybe have a pack of crackers), and then eat pretty much anything I want for dinner. That’s a terrible diet isn’t it – yikes! I run 3 miles, 3-4 times a week and I drink (or try to) plenty of water. So, it seems like I need that extensive list of vitamins, doesn’t it? And now I am thinking (because I have read it several times in FIRST) that I need to embrace Intermittent Fasting – it appears that this is a healthy life-style choice, especially for seniors!! So, I’m not sure what to do. If anyone out there has a medical opinion, I would love to hear it (insert giggle giggle). Besides eating healthier, which I know I should, any other pill, supplement, or combination of, please let me know. Bone broth anyone….??

Next up….Did You Just Send Your Child Away to College?

Always remember to insert a giggle giggle ~ Kay 😊

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