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I do. A lot!

My opinion on texting rules:

1. Never text before 8:00am unless it’s an emergency that needs attention at that moment.

2. Never text after 9:00pm unless it’s an emergency that needs attention at that moment, unless you are letting your mom know that you are okay 😊.

3. When texting in a group, only say things that are interesting to the group’s need to know.

4. Feel free to go “off group” to talk about something not in the group’s need to know.

5. When group texting, don’t use the tool of “liking”, “loving”, “laughing at” etc. This creates too many responses associated with a group. Perfectly okay when individually texting (see #6).

6. Don’t try to convince anyone that you aren’t around your phone when you take too long or don’t respond to a text – we all know that’s not true 😊. Reply in some way!

7. Re-read your text for clarification before you SEND. Texts are notorious for being misinterpreted.

8. Text your mom every day and keep the “Read” tool on so moms know you have seen our texts.

9. Always use a kiss or heart emoji to those you love even if it’s not necessary to the text.

10. Feel free to use the RED DANCING GIRL EMOJI for any circumstance.

Are these rules that you wish everyone followed, including yourself? I confess to NOT adhering to some of the above rules I put forth for others (insert giggle giggle!). Just yesterday, Matt Walsh (Daily Wire) did his daily cancellation segment on people that use emojis. I was giggling so much at his clever and dry sense of humor (which maybe wasn’t a sense of humor – you never know with him….insert giggle giggle!) because everything he was “cancelling”, I do!

In my book, Insert Giggle Giggle, Laughing Your Way through Raising Kids and Running a Business, I have a chapter on technology and in that chapter I write about hearing another talk show host say the exact same thing that Matt Walsh did….that emojis have put the human race hundreds of thousands of years behind….communicating like cavemen did with drawings (insert giggle giggle)….and this I wrote about 2 years ago! Communicating with only emojis has become almost a trademark of mine (insert giggle giggle) – it’s just so easy to do! I confess to my non-techiness in my book by admitting that before I knew that you could insert an emoji into an email, I used to actually type the words, “insert (whatever emoji I wanted to use – usually it would be “insert red dancing girl emoji”). My (younger) admin team would giggle and make fun of me, of course. When I told them the title of my book, they totally understood the meaning of the title (insert giggle giggle!)….!

Yesterday Mr. Walsh was highlighting how inappropriate emojis are to use in the workplace. If someone, for instance, puts a heart in a message – why would they do that – seems inappropriate. However, I started thinking to myself how a heart has flipped from being something one used to use as a symbol of affection, of actual love of something or someone, to now representing nothing more than agreement – as in hitting the heart symbol on Instagram (and maybe Facebook too – I don’t know because I don’t have FB or know anything about it) to acknowledge agreement on a point being made or that you “like” (not really love because you maybe don’t even know these people or maybe it’s a political posting that you agree with). Even the terminology we use is how many “Likes” you have – not “Loves”….why is that I wondered? Seems that maybe a “thumbs up” emoji would have been the emoji appropriated to match the word “Like”, not the heart emoji…hmm…

AND, just this moment, as I am ACTUALLY TYPING THIS, I remembered another thing he “cancelled” and made fun of. The trend of people (and it seemed he said this is prevalent with older people) of using ellipses in texts. Again, I DO THAT (as you can see throughout this Giggle Chog)! You know, the 3 little dots at the end of a sentence! So, I looked up the meaning of this word and why we use it. The definition I saw was “omission of words OR (and this is the interesting part) suggests there’s something left unsaid. Uh oh – that’s the scary part – using these dots (for really no reason) BUT giving the perception to the person you are communicating with that there is possibly something you are alluding to – something possibly questionable about them or about the situation – leaving the person you are communicating with wondering what they are missing or what you are trying to imply or question, when that is not your intention in the least!

Mr. Walsh also commented that now some emojis are viewed as acts of racism – so what else is new…..? I won’t give this assertion any more breath….

I also confessed in my book that when texting first became a “thing”, I told my boys that I was not going to start that (like I thought it was just some passing fad or maybe something just kids would do – insert giggle giggle!!!). If they needed me, they could call me. It seemed to me that it would be so much easier to just pick up the phone, discuss whatever, and be done with it. In my very early days of texting, I even felt stronger about this and sometimes, after the 5th or 6th text going back and forth between me and one of the boys, I would get frustrated and just call them! We could have figured this out in 2 minutes on the phone, I would tell them! However, once I got used to texting, I fell right into the illusion of how much easier and unintrusive it actually was on whatever I was doing to not take the time to talk to someone – even if it was 5, 6, 7, 8 texts going back and forth was “better” than having to actually take the time to talk to someone on the phone - how sad is that?

So, emojis. I love them. Since the other day, however, after listening to the funny, sarcastic, but very true segment by Mr. Walsh on using emojis, I have caught myself removing an emoji after I typed it in a text. It made me sad to do so (insert giggle giggle). But really, it does show personality and for me, sends a little “love” message to those I’m communicating with. I feel just a little more connected with a person IF I include an emoji instead of just typing words. Go figure!

I’ll leave you with a giggle. As you can see from a lot of my Giggle Chogs, I like to look up meanings of words, so I looked up the word, texting. Scrolling around, I came to the internet’s list of rules (which I saw AFTER I wrote mine above!) and the first site I saw had this “rule” as their #2 (behind Always Respond). It said, “Don’t get wiggy if you don’t receive an instant response…” (ellipses were included, insert giggle giggle!!!!!!). Okay, “Wiggy” is a pet name of our family for my youngest son, William and sometimes I have to rely on the “READ” as his actual reply since he may not always respond – how’s that for a weird coincidence (insert smiley face emoji, insert wink face emoji, insert heart-eyes smiley face emoji, insert kiss face emoji…and of course, insert red dancing girl emoji) !

Next Up….Have You Ever Admired Someone?

Always remember to insert a giggle giggle and yes, any emoji you want! Kay 😊

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