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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

My family does. Do we get scared? Sometimes, but sometimes no. I’ll tell you a few of my family’s “ghost stories”.

When Hayden was probably around a year old, I was sitting in the kitchen one day feeding him his lunch. He was happy in his high-chair and we were enjoying our time together. All of a sudden, he looks past me, right above my shoulder it seemed, and lifted up his arms (as I am typing this, chill bumps just went up my legs and all the way into my scalp and I am not kidding!). So, I turned around. Obviously, it was Steve’s dad, who lived right down the road and popped in unannounced a lot. But no, no one was there. Hayden was laughing and holding out his arms to who? Chill bumps just popped up again……

My brother tells a story about his dog getting up from any number of naps and going to the bottom of their stairs leading to the bedrooms. Staring for a moment and focusing intently on something or someone, she starts barking. No one is there. And I will say that my brother also has the tradition of scaring his two daughters on Halloween - well, he's scared of the "IT" clown and I have told them, since they are now adults, it should be pay-back time in a big way!

Our great-niece visited us for her 18th birthday from out of state. She didn’t tell us and she didn’t seem to be alarmed the next morning, but her mom told Hayden (again not telling us) that one night our niece felt a presence in her bedroom and a hand on her. Hayden had already told us before (and of course we poo-pooed him) that he has felt this same type of “presence” before in that same bedroom. An aside: interesting that when my mom sold her house, one of the potential buyers asked if anyone had ever died in the house. The implication was, if so, that was a deal-breaker for them.

One morning, Hayden, William, and I were gathered in the kitchen over breakfast. All of a sudden, we heard a scream. An actual scream. Crash (William’s dog) ran off and started barking in the foyer. No one was there. Who screamed? We ALL heard it.

And the finale….when we lived in the house that the boys grew up in (for 23 years), Steve and I separately and together heard “the radio people”. One night we were in bed reading and I once again, heard them. I had heard this for at least a year or more and never said anything to Steve, but finally on this particular night, I did. He couldn’t believe it! He had heard the same thing, at times, and didn’t want to mention it and scare me. It’s just a, sometimes soft and sometimes louder, either conversation going on or maybe music. So, we move to our new home and so did the radio people. In this home I have even gotten up on a couple of occasions because I thought Steve had left the television on, so “loud” is the conversation/music, but no. When you explore the “noise”, you can’t find it, and it stops. And oh yeah, a couple of nights ago, the television in our bedroom just turned on in the middle of the night. No sound, as it would have been if we had turned it on like we do in the morning, just the picture. When I told Hayden this, he said, “of course it did”. Both he and William have had more than a few, unexplainable feelings, in this new house.

And, oh yeah – one more….the thermostat in the upstairs hallway will all of a sudden go to 90 degrees. Why? We don’t know. The boys (when they happen to be at our house together) blame it on each other. It’s hot as Hades up there! We turn it down – to 70 or so – in a few days it’s back to 90. William captured this one night and sent a photo of it to Hayden….obviously William wouldn’t have done it just to himself since Hayden was at his apartment in New York City. And who would turn the thermostat to 90 degrees ever?!

There’s nothing better than a good ghost story, is there? Last year I was listening to Megyn Kelly’s podcast that was around Halloween and she had a guest talking about paranormal things and she told her own ghost story of when she was in college in Italy (I believe) and there was a “known” ghost in her host family’s home that “visited” her one night. Would have been nice to have known about beforehand (insert giggle giggle)! It was so intriguing, her personal ghost story. When our family took a trip to Ireland, when Hayden was competing in the Irish Dance World Championship, we went on a night-time ghost tour. These types of planned events are very popular in cities all over the United States and certainly in Europe. Hayden has always loved a good ghost or scary movie, the scarier the better. William didn’t when he was younger, but he enjoys them now. In fact, he had a “bet” or trade-off with his girlfriend, McKenzie, that if she would go see some scary movie that he wanted to see but she didn’t, he would jump out of an airplane, something she wanted to do but he didn’t. So, when she accepted his challenge, he had to finish the deal and jump out of a plane. Seemed a little lop-sided (to me) of his side of the bargain (insert giggle giggle), but not so if you are someone who is afraid of the supernatural, but not afraid of heights~

I tried to do a little research on this topic, but our culture loves this topic so much that if you type in ghosts, paranormal, or supernatural, you don’t get a scientific or Wikipedia-type search of these words, you get the TV series that go by these same names! And what about society’s obsession with that series, The Walking Dead?! I had to actually type, “the meaning of paranormal”, etc. to get any research on these “unexplainable happenings”. Steve and I have tried over the years to “scientifically” explain our “radio people”. Steve, so much more academic than me, has thought maybe it's wave-lengths that occur through (I don’t know) some sort of telephone or other wiring around us….I really don’t pay that much attention to be honest….because I think it’s some sort of supernatural or quantum-type physics, parallel universe explanation, and I think he really does too, but he’s just trying to maybe explain it otherwise as not ghosts. I mean, who really believes in ghosts (insert giggle giggle)?

I guess there’s not many of us (of a certain age) that doesn’t think about those 2 little girls standing at the end of the hallway in "The Shining" anytime we find ourselves in a hallway of a hotel (insert giggle giggle). It may prick the hairs on our body for a moment, but then it’s gone and just a sort of fun, nostalgic feeling of being afraid of ghosts when we were young and impressionable. But, of course, we still latch our hotel doors behind us ~ as if ghosts can’t come through the door ~ please…….

Next up…..What is a Hero?

Always remember to insert a giggle giggle ~ Kay 😊

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